Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Little Rock AR Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you are involved in domestic violence you should comprehend the legal issues involved. Domestic violence cases in Little Rock usually involve restraining orders or orders of protection. First, however, police law enforcement often issues a temporary Emergency Protective Order (EPO).
When the case initially goes to court, they may issue a more formal protective order. Depending on the expertise and knowledge of your lawyer, you could end up either with or without a restraining order, which avoids one person from coming within a specific distance of the other person.
Abuse of Little Rock Arkansas domestic violence is not just limited to hands on physical attacks on a spouse or a partner, but rather there are several other types of Little Rock domestic violence, involving emotional abuse, isolation, intimidation, and economic finance abuse.  If children exist in the relationship, they too can be seriously impacted by domestic violence, even when the violence is not aimed upon them.

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