Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Harrisburg Sexual assault Charges Attorney

Harrisburg Pennsylvania Sexual assault is a forced sexual intercourse through physical and/or psychological intimidation. There are different types of Harrisburg sexual assault such as date sexual assault, statutory sexual assault, and spousal sexual assault.  Harrisburg Date sexual assault is a forced sex act between two people whom know one another during a social engagement such as a date or going to dinner.  Even though the two people know one another, if a sex act was coerced, it is considered sexual assault.  Harrisburg Statutory sexual assault is a sex act between an adult and a minor under the legal age of 18.  Even if the minor consents to the sex act, it is still considered statutory sexual assault, because of the age limit.  Spousal sexual assault is a forced sex act between a husband and wife.  If a husband or wife does not consent to a sex act, and the sex act is forced, it is considered sexual assault. 

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