Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Protest Arrests Attorney

Occupy Protest Arrests Attorney

Have you been wrongfully arrested for speaking your voice at the Occupy Protest?

Occupy Protest Lawyer
Being arrested during the Occupy Protest is not your fault, and you have understood that you have legal rights that are being violated.
While it may not seem like a serious offense, cases involving protesting and disturbing the peace can turn on you quickly. Whether your were cited for playing music too loudly or not following the rules of the police, or using indecent language in the presence of children during your protest of freedom of speech, you could be looking at a fine and up to six months in jail.
The police have been arresting so many people at the Occupy protest because of minor things such as so-called trespassing, claiming disorderly conduct, or resisting arrest. These charges are most likely not going to hold up in the court of law.
Occupy Protest Attorney Will Fight For You, Like You Are Fighting For America

Cities of Occupy Protest in America

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